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Discover Classroom Alphabets (v1.0) by Digital Erath, a 34-page PDF filled with colorful images and engaging content to make alphabet learning fun and easy for young children. Perfect for educators and parents.


Unlock the joy of learning with Classroom Alphabets (v1.0), a vibrant and comprehensive PDF resource created by Digital Erath for educators and parents. This 34-page digital book is packed with colorful images and engaging content to help children master the alphabet in a fun and stimulating way.

What’s Inside:

Page 1: A title page with the PDF name, version number, author name (Digital Erath), and website details (www.Digital

Pages 2-28: Each page features a large letter from the alphabet along with a corresponding image of an object or animal that starts with that letter. The images are surrounded by a colored border, and the letters are in large, bold font.

Page 29: Two rows of animal and object words arranged vertically, related to the letters “E” and “G”.

Page 30: Large images of ice cream and jam with bold words “ice cream” and “jam” arranged diagonally. Also includes images of a kangaroo and lamb.

Page 31: A blank page without any text or images.

Pages 32-33: Key details including copyright information, version details, and author name.

Page 34: Final page with a “Thank you!” note and website details (

Perfect for classrooms and homeschooling, Classroom Alphabets is a must-have for anyone committed to nurturing early literacy skills. The vibrant page layouts and high-resolution images make this PDF a visually appealing and easy-to-navigate tool for young learners. Enhance your teaching toolkit with Classroom Alphabets and make learning the alphabet a delightful experience for children.


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